Author: Gravy Dangerfield

L for Looky Here, P for Pretty Colors

Gravylithic Period Cave Painting

I'm pretty sure this is right-side-up, anyway

The cave paintings of the Gravylithic Period often depicted strange, otherworldly creatures like the ones pictured here. The fossil record does not contain any known examples of actual, living creatures resembling those shown in the paintings, so it is unknown what the inspiration for the figures was, but paintings from a period spanning thousands of …

L for Looky Here, P for Pretty Colors

Pre-Gravonian Hominid (Self) Portrait

I think those are supposed to be boobies

This painting from the Pre-Gravonian period appears to depict a member of nohomo gravius dangerus, the dominant hominid species of the era. Little is known about either the painting itself or the artist who created it. It was discovered among various knick-knacks & patty-whacks, including a mirror, which has led many scholars to conclude that …